In this post I will explain in detail the communication process that I find both efficient and practical in order to achieve a smooth and accurate execution.

1. Brief – You tell me about your idea as detailed as possible.

Either meeting face to face, by email or through my logo questionnaire, the initial accumulation of information from you is the most important step. I really look to understand my client thoroughly before I get started. This is where we establish the design brief. Here is where we will also discuss deadlines, budget and other details.

2. Proposal -  Once I have a full understanding of the project, I will send you a proposal based on your needs.

To see more about my pricing process please check out my post How much does a logo design cost?(coming soon) Once agreed, I will require a 50% advance payment. I do not start working on the project until payment is done.

3. Creation - I brainstorm and sketch my ideas based on the Brief and in depth market research. To learn more about my creative process you can check out my post Logo Design Process (coming soon).

4. Presentation – I will present you with a variety of concepts and the ideas for you to choose from. The number of options will vary depending on our initial agreement. Here is a clear example:


5. Selection time – You review the options.

If we nail it on the first try (could happen) I provide you with the final designs in all formats necessary, social media images, profile pics, covers, etc. Alternatively, you tell me what concepts you like the most and what adjustments (revisions) you would like to explore.

6. Revisions – I make changes based on your feedback to narrow down the concepts. I then provide you with the new versions so you can review and give me once again your feedback. Revisions are carried out as many times as agreed on our initial agreement (from 3 to unlimited revisions).